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The Petite Retreat Massage Therapy
Available Services and Rates
(Treatments include lavender, eucalyptus, and steamy towels for the back!) 

NEW SERVICE available as an upgrade to any treatment:

 Warm Jacuzzi Soaking Tub          

Relax outside in our private zen garden and warm jacuzzi spa tub, equipped with over 33 hydrotherapy jets, for the ultimate relaxation before or after your personal or couples spa treatments. Please reserve your own special "private time" in the jacuzzi in advance as we never allow more than one client or couple at a time.  Remember to bring your swimsuits. 
   Additional $35 per person 

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most common type of massage at most spa's.  This relaxing massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing.  The purpose of this type of massage is to soothe away tension and promote overall good health. Swedish Massage combines various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading and cross-fiber friction to break up muscle knots, called adhesions. The result of Swedish Massage is to stimulates overall circulation and help to release toxins from the body. Drinking plenty of water after this massage is essential to the overall effects.

          1/2 hr. $50   1 hr. $80      
1 1/2 hr. $120       2 hr. $160

Neuromuscular/Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

If you want deeper work and can tolerate more pressure, even momentary discomfort, to get relief from muscle pain, it is better to book a Deep Tissue Massage.  The Petite Retreat Licensed Massage Therapist's specialize in this kind of work and have a real desire to relieve you of chronic pain that partially immobilizes you and/or causes daily discomfort.

Neuromuscular/Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, for both Pre and Post Event, is great for the athlete, professional or amateur, who desires optimal performance on or off the court or field and for anyone needing thorough massage on any pesky painful knots. This massage is very detoxifying.

             1/2 hr. $55   1 hr. $90        1 1/2 hr. $135       2 hr. $180

Hot Stone Therapy

A truly unique and relaxing massage! First you are anointed with essential oils, then polis
hed, heated stones are used to glide upon the muscle tissue and placed on meridian points for ultimate balancing and pleasure.

              1 hr. $95       1
1/2 hr. $135       2 hr. $180

The "Petite Retreat Ultimate Massage"                                                                      
This is a Petite Retreat Signature Massage and includes a special combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone therapy.  After a thorough back massage, heated stones are then used to manipulate muscle tissue and are ultimately placed placed on the meridian points down the spine.  This signature massage includes three different types of aromatherapy along with steamy towels for the back.  Ask to combine this massage with the 30 min. Japanese Foot Treatment, which includes hot stone therapy for the toes, for an extra special experience, an extra $65.

                1hr. $95     1 1/2 hr. $135     2 hr. $180

Pre-Natal Massage      
Wonderful Massage for the Mother to be: special table arrangement and cushions for optimal support and comfort. Helps to maintain wellness and flexibility of an expecting mother.  
As an extra special treat, invite your partner to participate in this massage for a couple's tutorial and learn how to provide the expecting Mother the most loving care during her final stages of pregnancy.  Maximum time for this treatment is 1 1/2 hr.

                  1 hr. $90       1 1/2 hr. $135      Tutorial $95

Signature Couple’s Massages

A romantic experience for you and your loved one! Enjoy a one hour, one and a half hour or a two hour massage in the same room each of you with your own 
therapist. You are free to bring your own favorite bottle of wine or champagne.  When you combine this massage with the Petite Retreat Jacuzzi Spa Tub, the Japanese Foot Treatment or our signature Aromatherapy Treatment, you and your partner will receive hours of relaxing personal enjoyment.  See our Couple's Treatments Page for more details on The Petite Retreat Couple's Spa Packages.  C’est bon!  

***Combine your couples massage with Lunch or Dinner and any of our other treatments, as well as, time in our Jacuzzi Tub for the most romantic of Dates, Holiday Events, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Engagements or just to say I Love You. There are more than a dozen restaurants within walking distance from our retreat for your inside or outside dining enjoyment before or after your time with us. 

               1 hr $180.      1
1/2 hr $260.    2 hr $360.

Japanese Foot Treatment                                                                 
Begin with an invigorating exfoliation and washing of both feet, next relax to an elegant conditioning foot mask while heated polished stones are placed between your toes. Then enjoy a neck and scalp massage while inhaling aromatherapy, as your feet experience ultimate relaxation. And finally, melt away to a relaxing foot massage and reflexology to your feet.  Combine this experience with any other Massage or Service to achieve maximum pampering by our trained and attentive licensed staff.  

                 1/2 hr. 

Aromatherapy Treatment                                                                 
We use a custom blend of essentials oils linked with a series of meditative breathing exercises to completely refresh you and relieve stress. This treatment includes sensational acupressure massage on the face, scalp, & neck.  

               1/2 hr. $50         1 hr. $80

                      Facial & Body Treatments

Essential Oil Envelopment

Pure Essential Oils mixed with Jojoba & Vitamin E are applied to the body followed by a wrap of steamy towels. Lay comfortably in a warm cocoon while receiving a scalp, neck , & foot massage.

                                            1/2  hr. $60

Aromatherapy Salt Glow

Stimulating body exfoliation using a blend of natural sea salts, mineral salts, and aromatherapy oils followed by a wonderful massage and skin conditioning crème.

                                           1 hr. $80

Facial Treatments

Our facials include a three-step process with toner deep exfoliation, aromatherapy massage, customized mask, and finishes with protective moisturizer. It refreshes the skin and is anti-aging.(does not include extractions or chemical peels).

Aromatherapy Facial
We use an all natural aromatherapy line of skin care products.  Receive a deep cleanse, exfoliation, aromatherapy face and scalp massage.  This treatment finishes with a customized mask and protective serum with moisturizer.   

                                          1 hr. $80

Executive facial

Specially designed for men to
enhance & condition the skin's appearance.   

Skin Refresher Facial
A 30 minute facial that refreshes and relaxes while focusing on your skins needs.

Detoxifying Mud Body Treatment

This treatment begins with a dry brushing of the body, followed by the application of mineralizing mud. Results in lymphatic and circulatory stimulation, assisting the body in draining fats and toxins. Very conditioning for the skin.


Pina Coloda Wrap

Perfect for those who have recently spent a lot of time in the sun or for anyone with dehydrated skin. This treatment begins with a dry brushing of the body, next your body is covered with coconut oil while relaxing in a warm cocoon. This treatment also includes a scalp, neck, and foot massage.

Infrared Detox Body Wrap
This wrap is perfect for anyone who wants to lose inches, decrease cellulite, or simply to remove toxins and relieve joint and muscle pain. Relax for an hour while receiving a mini facial. When the treatment is complete, you will have a shower and then finish with a 30 minute massage.


Rose Petal Body Treatment

Begins with a warm spritz of rose infused toner, then your body is anointed with rose essential oil. Next, a hydrating masque is applied to the skin and luxurious rose petals are sprinkled all over your body. Relax in warmth and the sensational essence of rose while receiving a scalp and neck massage. This treatment finishes with a complete body massage and will leave you feeling utterly divine!

Ear Candeling                                                                                          
Painless removal of the debris collected in the inner ear canal. Helps with allergies, sinus problems, and hearing loss. Both Ears.



Our spa is available for your private event. It is a great idea for Birthday's, Wedding Showers, Mother/Daughter Days, Girls Day Out, or Employee Appreciation Parties! We can customize any package to suit your needs.  We can 
accommodate parties up to 10 or 12 people depending on the number and length of the services requested.  also available is catering and food service to make your special occasion an event to remember. 

Catering and Limousine service available upon request. Please call for pricing information.


     Gratuities are not included in the base price of our services and are appreciated by your therapist.  It is customary in the United States to tip for spa services just as you do for restaurant service, and the usual amount is 15 to 20 percent of the cost of the service. Gratuities are not normally included in gift cards unless otherwise noted.

Gratuities are welcome not just for the obvious reason but also because they're seen as a sign of gratitude for the therapist's hard work and desire to please you.  Of course, a small tip or no tip at all can also be a way to communicate your dissatisfaction with the service that you received.  Our trained and licensed therapists are grateful for any specific requests that you make during your treatment so that you may have a better and more enjoyable experience.

 Rates for Massage and Spa Services are subject to change.
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